[Little Demos] 04 – What Curve Do Shadows Trace (On a Spherical Earth)?

This was a cancelled "Work-At-Home" experiment for physics undergraduates, due to local weather conditions, and a second thought that this project is better suited for high school students. Conic Sections You may skip to the next section if you are comfortable with analytic geometry or related mathematical fields. If you use a plane to cut … Continue reading [Little Demos] 04 – What Curve Do Shadows Trace (On a Spherical Earth)?

Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

Obituary on Auckland Grammar School Website I first came across the mathematician Jones in middle school, when I was reading the Chinese edition of What Is Mathematics by Robbins and Courant to feel good (and ultimately otherwise), and one of the addendum chapters introduced me to "New Zealander Jones" and his work on knot theory. … Continue reading Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

A Walk In The Garden – IrPt

Not all songs deserve a blog mention, but this one I specifically have a dream-inspired short story to follow up in late 2020. https://soundcloud.com/irpt/august-22-2020-a-walk-in-the-garden-little-people And indeed, in that dream, I read a novella named "Little People" at a mishmash international airport, waiting to venture somewhere afar (and COVID-19-free). At least part of the story plays … Continue reading A Walk In The Garden – IrPt