Rainy Road Found Poem – 01

Rainy Road Found Poem (RRFP) will be a series of mysterious texts that I find in the gutter on my way home from office. Curiously, I am more likely to find more of them during rain or at midnight.

“Let me weave you!”
— my time on this planet.

Mind blank, thoughts vague, and pace astray.
I am basking my hand in the light of an infinite illusion:

I was free to do nothing.

I thought freedom was sugar coated,
but this is the sugar coat.

I thought for all that in all the randomness, all is fair,
that I earned this moment of stillness.
I know when I conceit myself into this state,
the real world I will one day find it hard to awake:

And on such a day,
I will scramble.
I will implore the whimsical interweaving and mechanisms of fate
with all my might: what I have and had,

to fail to return to this fleeting moment,
when I felt I had nothing to do,

and that I had done nothing.
But I held all the opportunities.

To send oneself a moment apart into the unchangeable reality
to remorse,
to beg to differ,
to remember
is a killing joke the mind plays on itself.

And it’s not infinity in anybody’s hands.

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