FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

I saw my first (male) cucumber flower today, and thought it’s a good opportunity to document the growth of an organism that remains a strong contender the title of “Most Productive Organism in My Room“.

Of course, if somebody determines that I am worthy of an ICBM strike or explosive seashell, those photos might disclose my precise location too.

  • May 18 2021, First Flower

  • April 24 2021, Support Structure Established

  • April 7 2021, Transplanted into a Dedicated Medium-Sized Flower Pot

  • March 12 2021, Seed Germinated in an Office Flower Pot During Previous COVID-19 Lockdown

Early days

For this period the plant lived in an old iPod box. Minimum care was provided except for occasional movements chasing the sun when I am in office.

Also for the first while I thought it was a watermelon … after the first two real leaves developed, I thought it was rather a pumpkin.

Gaining Momentum

In April I bought for the plant a small pot and applied to use the university’s compost.

A time lapse over a few hours on April 7.

Amateur botany and biophysics musings

The tendrils have been captivating my mind every morning I checked on them … A complex mechanism of hydraulics and hormonal regulation, I vaguely understand.

Recent Productivity