I am still attempting to fit every academic desire into the schedule for next semester — last one at Berkeley, second last one as an undergraduate student: Quantum, Introductory Cosmology, GR, advanced mechanics, Stats mech, topology, complex analysis, cellular biology, music theory, existentialism, and perhaps a language, documentary filmmaking and theatre (thanks).

While writing this I am listening to Cassandra by Thomas Bergersen, certainly a relevant detail, as it captures my vision of this place, and maybe how I’ll remember this moment. There has always been a world, this world, full of opportunities and possibilities for initial conditions — initial conditions.

It’s been far that I unknowingly ventured forth. Before this choice I’ve foregone countless. I should cheer up for those equally amazing divergent paths awaiting ahead. Having to narrow is simply one step closer to the inevitable, specialization, a direction, and greatness, I tend to believe; a direction is what makes life purposeful. “I enjoy physics,” glad I can still say this. It’s been long since that summer of high school, but the majority of my story with physics, I joyfully, somehow tired but not exhausted, believe, is yet to come.

I admire my hands in rendering a jeopardy of class enrollment as a once-in-lifetime adventure. It might be, but I’m only happily moving forth. A cell shouldn’t feel sad when growth factors promoting differentiation arrives — in a world while staying unchanged, not making a choice, is a choice, I move on to be a more integral and relevant part of a giant picture.

At physics library with αω,