I am exactly 20 years old now. BJT 1998-05-12 15:10. PDT 2018-05-12 00:10. 据我的父母所讲,我在二十年前的这个时刻来到了这个世界。从那时,到现在,接近一半的时候,我渐渐意识到我所知道的一切都开始于那个时间,连带我所可能知道的一切。我时而飘渺地看见了无法逃离的归宿,但也把路上的一切风景留给了命运。 感谢我的父母、家人、前人、祖国、世界。感谢我所能够认识的正在读这段话的所有人。二十岁是一个新的开始。 According to my parents, my journey began this moment exactly 20 years ago. About half way between then and where am I now, I began recognizing that everything I ever knew began on 12/May/1998, along with everything I will ever … Continue reading 1510


I am still attempting to fit every academic desire into the schedule for next semester — last one at Berkeley, second last one as an undergraduate student: Quantum, Introductory Cosmology, GR, advanced mechanics, Stats mech, topology, complex analysis, cellular biology, music theory, existentialism, and perhaps a language, documentary filmmaking and theatre (thanks). While writing this … Continue reading Directions

Momentum: A Long Short Story Long Short.

Long is my thought process; short is the plot, if there is any.   With my certainty, I could tell that this story actually happened, with many more pieces of "my" life harmoniously unfolding in the same universe that views ours as a distant dream -- as though momentum wasn't conserved in our space. And … Continue reading Momentum: A Long Short Story Long Short.