Two Recent Poems

The Star Carver

They say you find a lively memory
of a world’s early ages
deep within.

Shapes without colours
colours without shapes.
Endeavours without maps,
vision without eyes.

To rejoin the silence was to speak;
to leave behind all lights was to see.

Feel the pristine ground.
Touch the running water.
Does a fire burn afar?
Do you hear the shadows flicker?

For all our ignorance,
— and wonder we hence pursuit —
is but a cave

And someone carved out the gaps
through which starlight shone.

(January 2022, Westport)


A memory.
A yearning.
A wish.

A service.
A product.
A prompt for grandiose visions.
An entrance to elaborate fraud.

A remnant of creation.
A backdrop of being.
A catalyst of love.

A state.
A stage.
A taste.