Afar – Prologue

快把星光盛进篮子,按下宇宙的暂停键!在无尽沉寂中,等待下一个“顷刻”。 无人歌颂时间,他们只是在时间里歌唱。 ——也让我静止,像一叠曝光的胶片,你可尽情在画面之间涂抹。 ——也让我静止,这样在下一个顷刻,你就能尝试解开我心中的结。它由无数时序的思绪交织而成,人们已然称之为生命本身。 ——也让我静止,这样可以提醒我哪怕形如短暂的,一丝顾虑,一份彷徨,时光中崩解的沙质城堡,也是不可回溯的远方,无价的珍宝。 Quickly gather starlight in a basket,and press the universe's Pause button!In endless stillness,await the next “instant." No one sings praises to time;they merely sing within it. -- And now make me still,like a stack of exposed film.So you can freely smudge between frames. -- And now me still.So in the … Continue reading Afar – Prologue

Two Recent Poems

The Star Carver They say you find a lively memoryof a world’s early agesdeep within. Shapes without colourscolours without shapes.Endeavours without maps,vision without eyes. To rejoin the silence was to speak;to leave behind all lights was to see. Feel the pristine ground.Touch the running water.Does a fire burn afar?Do you hear the shadows flicker? For … Continue reading Two Recent Poems