The Voyagers

The 3rd Revised Version for 2016 UoA Poetry Slam
©, FW, rewritten on 4 May 2016
At Engineering Library,

Before the seas
we are voyagers to the infinite.
Voyagers to serenities
where ocean extends its verge,
just like us,
Voyagers to every new sight
to every span of land,
countless serenities there await.
Every thing in motion
teems with emotion.
Under the skies
we are voyagers to the future.
we are voyagers to worlds
where a person is counting the stars
just like us,
Voyagers to every life
to every mechanism,
real worlds behind mysteries.
Every now and then
we feel lost no more.
Traveling on a beam of light,
we see gravity
unraveling from the calculations.
browsing the history of history itself.
just starting to think about
Beyond any imagination.
Small moves,
just a prelude⋯
I ran into this picture once too often:
Cross voids of space and time,
we rest.
we stare.
–Nowhere we now see can we ever approach.
–Nowhere we’ll end up can now be seen.
Carrying the stories,
ageless radiations from everywhere,
Shone in my flickering eyes.
busy for another answer
the world leaves help nowhere to find
We are small.
Time is short.
Amid the limits,
we are voyagers to the present.
we are voyagers to wonders
where an era longs for its tomorrow
just like us.
Voyagers to every detail
to every meandering flow of time
fantastic wonders outside your books.
Everything in your dreams
comes back into your memories again.


Comments from the judges:
“The piece took you on a lovely journey, was very well written. More articulation required and a bit more confidence would have made it a winner!”