FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

I saw my first (male) cucumber flower today, and thought it's a good opportunity to document the growth of an organism that remains a strong contender the title of "Most Productive Organism in My Room". Of course, if somebody determines that I am worthy of an ICBM strike or explosive seashell, those photos might disclose … Continue reading FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

[Lux] Beginning of 2021 in Abel Tasman National Park

My first proper LMC photo.A ray of sorts being very close to us.Glow worms at duskA friendly insectKiwi leaf voronoi My first visit to this area was 360 days ago. Before the following becomes too much of a trite thing to say, I thought of the future quite differently back then. I’m happy with the … Continue reading [Lux] Beginning of 2021 in Abel Tasman National Park