Here’s to the First Year of f-STEM

Not that I intend to celebrate the passage of time too ‘often’, as I do to myself when alone, but happy Anniversary to ftdsci.  It’s been good staying here.

There are 17 days until school starts under an eclipsed sun, and, before that,  7 days until I leave for California, so maybe it’s about time to show up here again, anyways, with whatever that’s in my hand and mind.

“Order and simplification are the first steps toward the mastery of a subject — the actual enemy is the unknown.”

Thomas Mann, The Magic Mountain, Ch. 5

I’ve been trying to choose a novel to listen to this month.  Meanwhile, I am also trying to write some sensible fiction.  ‘Shaping worlds’, I dreamt as I dreamt.

Life was like a fishing rod before you attached the wires to it: tidy, clean, but not of as much use as ideal.
This has been a sneak peek.

Apart from the site palette, I am also considering updating our site identity and design… I had an working WebUI design from a group project last year, so I might try to adapt that.
Speaking of…  I’ve got this experimental post on my Instagram (@sifyrene) the other day.

As a freshman college project, it has survived long enough to keep on existing through the next few years.

And so, hopefully, will you and I.  Let’s make a difference.

Also, goodbye to the 9.0 GPA.  Hello, 8.875.

At Unitec Library

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