[Lux] Beginning of 2021 in Abel Tasman National Park

My first proper LMC photo.A ray of sorts being very close to us.Glow worms at duskA friendly insectKiwi leaf voronoi My first visit to this area was 360 days ago. Before the following becomes too much of a trite thing to say, I thought of the future quite differently back then. I’m happy with the … Continue reading [Lux] Beginning of 2021 in Abel Tasman National Park

[Lux] Advanced Rainbow Manipulation

Backyard fun, sort of. This set of pictures were created using LED-enabled pois1 by myself and A. Cordwell, a friend of mine and 4th year student at Auckland astrophysics. This part-dancing and part-running-around project is my third attempt at light-pen practical effects. The equation that we wrote this time is ... Non-relativistic time-dependent Schrödinger. Enjoy. … Continue reading [Lux] Advanced Rainbow Manipulation