The Next Chapter for FWPhys Lux

Thanks to all my readers, subscribers, accidental Googlers and alike, I have finally gathered enough resources to support the opening of an online photo store. FWLUX.PICFAIR.COM New and noteworthy content will continue being available for free via the regular FWPhys newsletter (and for that one RSS reader, the feed too), but I will also periodically … Continue reading The Next Chapter for FWPhys Lux

[LUX] Entries to the 2021 AUTC Photo Competition

Entries 2, 3, 5, and 7 won the top prize in their respective categories. This page is kept for archival purposes. Category 1: Tasteful Nudes No submission. Category 2: Above the bushline September 2020 Title: I Left My Water Bottle / Only Safe Place to Naruto RunLocation: Tongariro Northern Circuit* (Blue Lake) Category 3: Below … Continue reading [LUX] Entries to the 2021 AUTC Photo Competition

FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

I saw my first (male) cucumber flower today, and thought it's a good opportunity to document the growth of an organism that remains a strong contender the title of "Most Productive Organism in My Room". Of course, if somebody determines that I am worthy of an ICBM strike or explosive seashell, those photos might disclose … Continue reading FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)