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The Dark Ages (2013 – )


Afar in C major literally came to be during a high school lunchtime where I messed around in Auckland Grammar’s piano room. It is nothing but an ever-repeated arpeggio married to simple string patterns, but the song stuck with me much longer than it should.

A holistically rewritten and rearranged version will be recorded and published in 2023, with express apologies to Philip Glass and Ludovico Einaudi, as it has been a crude imitation of their music all along.

Afar (Release attempt 1, 2015)
Rendered in Space Engine 0.97

A comet might come pretty close to you, but the immense momentum it carries from the outer solar system means it can’t stay. Needless to say I saw myself as a comet for quite this reason at the time.

From Afar – EP (unreleased, 2016)
A heavily processed photo of The University of Auckland taken from the Engineering Library

My 2016 experience was practically singularly defined by one March afternoon, one waiting for an email from a notable institution that began with “Unfortunately”. It was felt that everything was far away from me, including the university campus that I eventually learned to call home. To me then, it might as well be its own distant planet.

Afar (Release attempt 3, 2017)
Rendered in Space Engine 0.971

I don’t know about this one. I was really into science fiction typography in early 2017.

Afar – EP (2023)
Blender Cycles

Things can be far away — unreachable — while staying in plain sight. Like this impossible construction where the title emerges as an image in a mirror. With this, a reimagining of what I wrote that became my own character anthem.

Main Sequence

Main Sequence was a planned but never-published composition table portfolio in 2016 / 17, consisting of both acoustic recordings and iPad-made electronic music. Some of the projects lived on to be included in later releases and plans, while the most has been lost to time.

Main Sequence cover version 1
Rendered in Trackmania Canyon