[FWNotebook] The Arithmetic of a Vernier Caliper

This is a trivial one, and admittedly came and bit me during a lab demonstration session. I don't recall many things that I rely on quite as much on the job that I've never paid attention to, and hopefully this is an isolated incident. And of course, with 10 divisions, 0.1 is the best Vernier … Continue reading [FWNotebook] The Arithmetic of a Vernier Caliper

[FW’s Notebook] Submission Version of My Honours Thesis

Sorry for spamming your inbox ... but my honours thesis (as a snapshot of this idea that still unfolds in time) is available for download! fwphysics_hons_latex_FPR_v17Download While rare, when you need to, please cite this work (APA style) as: Wang, Y.R.F. (2019). Delayed Feedback in Two-Level Emitters. (Honours thesis). Retrieved From: https://fwphys.com/oqs Yes. For my … Continue reading [FW’s Notebook] Submission Version of My Honours Thesis

FW’s NoteBook – The Maximisation of The Gravity Due to a Malleable Astroid

EDIT: Alternative Solution is in a separate post. This was the first question Berkeley SPS posted last year, and in a manner not dissimilar to them, I finally finished an answer. A common exercise in both classical EM and Gravitational theories, the question has many formulations; I'll take the most practical set of quantities relevant … Continue reading FW’s NoteBook – The Maximisation of The Gravity Due to a Malleable Astroid

QuickType Scientific Symbols [Updated June 26th]

Some of my text-friends ask me how I can quickly type out mathematical symbols when we are discussing homework problems. Well, for one, I enabled the Greek keyboard on my phone, and then there's this: taking advantage of the automatic text-replacement system built right in macOS and iOS. To use this table, on iOS and … Continue reading QuickType Scientific Symbols [Updated June 26th]

FW’S NOTEBOOK #2 – Fagnano Problem

Lurking in my recent research readings, this is a problem at the intersection of middle school geometry and quantum chaos ...  This week's post was delayed such that certain subscribers taking final exams won't be disturbed. Hope you all had fun. Question: Inscribe a triangle of minimum perimeter inside an arbitrary acute triangle. Demonstration I. … Continue reading FW’S NOTEBOOK #2 – Fagnano Problem