fwd: Yuan Longping – Mother, The Rice Crops are Ripening

Author Bio:袁隆平 Yuan Longping (1930 - 2021) was one of modern China's most well-known and well-regarded scientists. A prolific agronomist, his research and development of hybrid rice helped lift hundreds of millions of people out of famine in many countries. The essay forwarded here was first published in 2011, based on a speech that Yuan … Continue reading fwd: Yuan Longping – Mother, The Rice Crops are Ripening

FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

I saw my first (male) cucumber flower today, and thought it's a good opportunity to document the growth of an organism that remains a strong contender the title of "Most Productive Organism in My Room". Of course, if somebody determines that I am worthy of an ICBM strike or explosive seashell, those photos might disclose … Continue reading FW’s Cucumber Page (Southern Autumn 2021)

Our Unforeseen Consequences, II

"More confident, far-seeing, capable and prudent."Sagan There were documented reports that TEPCO allowed cooling water that contacted the nuclear fuel -- the worst kind yet -- to return to sea shortly after the initial 2011 incident. So whatever hacks they are doing over the table now might not even be the most despicable in the … Continue reading Our Unforeseen Consequences, II