Lux – Ethics and Standards

Updated 02 Apr 2022

As a spin-off venture of mine in physics and greater academia, FWPhys LUX is built on the same pillars of equity, integrity, and social responsibility. Furthermore, I embrace the creative commons spirit, where practical and sensible.

Apart from faithfully photographing my clients and returning finished product on time, whenever I am behind the lens, I strive to follow the Code of Ethical Photography outlined at

This means that I will

  1. garner respect for my subjects and the communities I document, and always request consent and clarification if any produced image can be deemed sensitive by any party;
  2. respect the cultural preferences in terms of location choices, time of day, and attire choices of the client;
  3. keep the produced photos confidential and securely encrypted, unless explicit consent is given for re-publication or re-use;
  4. NOT exploit anybody’s trust or sympathy, be it the client or a potential viewer;
  5. NOT frame my images in such a way that they contribute to stereotypes or generalisations;
  6. NOT partake in the fabrication of false narratives or misinformation initiated by any groups or individuals.

Notes on Political and Special Topics

I might photograph political rallies and demonstrations on my own accord, but I do not accept monetary payments or official invitations to be at any particular one.

The ethics code above still applies to any work I may produce while in attendance of such an event.

While the array of topics and styles I am willing to work on is vast, appointment requests from individuals or groups deemed to represent, embellish or celebrate the following topics will be automatically rejected.

  • Consumption of illegal substances, whether implied or explicit.
  • Street racing, dangerous driving, and illegal aftermarket customisation.
  • Theft, fraud, money laundering, and organised crime.
  • Exploitation and abuse of fellow human beings.
  • Colonialism, religious extremism, racism, and sexism, whether implied or explicit.
  • Romanticisation of violence or threats of violence and cruelty.
  • Degradation of environment, this includes overly lavish parties and on-scene photo events that take place in protected areas without proper government oversight.
  • Advocation of unethical and unproductive social narratives, and opposition to the scientific method or progress.