The Bob Doran Museum of Computing – Impressions

The most incomprehensible thing about the Universe is that it is comprehensible. Albert Einstein Well, to call my visit tonight an impression isn't quite fair. For the entire duration that I've studied and worked at Auckland Science, this display has been here. First curated by Prof. Bob Doran himself, and later in his honor and … Continue reading The Bob Doran Museum of Computing – Impressions

357686312646216567629137 and Friends

Many people close to FWPhys are aware of, in possession of, or about to possess, our first STEM merchandise, the Left Truncatable Prime Pencil. Printed on it is the largest base-10 number that remains prime as you remove digits from the left side by means of sharpening the pencil. US$3 a pair. It's common knowledge … Continue reading 357686312646216567629137 and Friends

How Euler Tackled an innocent-looking integral

For unclear reasons, I really wanted to write down one wacky (read: elegant) calculus exercise tonight -- have you integrated the cotangent function twice? I feel the infinite series are mere toys dancing at the fingertips of Euler, and consider his method to tackle this quite beautiful, my usual attitude towards Euler math. For some … Continue reading How Euler Tackled an innocent-looking integral