Two Late 2021 CGI Artworks

Reunion (3072 × 4096) Medium: Blender Cycles + Hand painting. December 2021. During my freshman year, I imagined a space colony utilizing the material of Enceladus (Saturn II). This new rendition moves the space station off the surface of the moon and bends metal and concrete into a van Braun ring space station design. It … Continue reading Two Late 2021 CGI Artworks

Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

Obituary on Auckland Grammar School Website I first came across the mathematician Jones in middle school, when I was reading the Chinese edition of What Is Mathematics by Robbins and Courant to feel good (and ultimately otherwise), and one of the addendum chapters introduced me to "New Zealander Jones" and his work on knot theory. … Continue reading Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

What is the Most Frightening Celestial Object?

A few days back on at home, there was an astronomy question that made it onto the "Trending Q&A" list (quite impressive for my homeland), "What is the most frightening celestial object known to science?" Not surprisingly, in the scientifically literate answers -- many of which I might be interested in covering in the … Continue reading What is the Most Frightening Celestial Object?