[Site] FWPhys v1.3 Cover Image Set

Now the welcome page will play a random slideshow of images. I plan to change them seasonally. This season's theme is solar system with impossible optics (i.e. impractical levels of camera zoom). Earth's Atmosphere and the SunEarth and MoonTitan in front of SaturnEuropa in front of JupiterTriton in front of NeptuneSaturn with Titan's shadowPhobos in … Continue reading [Site] FWPhys v1.3 Cover Image Set

[To Scale] That Black Hole Picture

If you like scrolling you might enjoy the previous feature: solar-earth light ray diagram to scale. In the spirit of that, and to answer some general complaints, "Why is the photo so blurry!?"... Here's me attempting to put our first black hole portrait to human scales. Of course, this time it's utterly impossible to put … Continue reading [To Scale] That Black Hole Picture