[FWD] Cixin Liu – Morning, Truth

朝闻道Morning, Truth Translator Notes (2022) For over a decade, this short story has profoundly impacted my academic interest and writing style, and I've been meaning to bring it into English for more audience reach. For now, this is an unauthorised translation work on a fair use / non-commercial basis. Chinese character names, where applicable, are … Continue reading [FWD] Cixin Liu – Morning, Truth

fwd: Yuan Longping – Mother, The Rice Crops are Ripening

Author Bio:袁隆平 Yuan Longping (1930 - 2021) was one of modern China's most well-known and well-regarded scientists. A prolific agronomist, his research and development of hybrid rice helped lift hundreds of millions of people out of famine in many countries. The essay forwarded here was first published in 2011, based on a speech that Yuan … Continue reading fwd: Yuan Longping – Mother, The Rice Crops are Ripening

[fwd.] The Four Sentences of Hengqu

An attempt at a translation of my motto, which was written about ten centuries ago. 为天地立心,为生民立命,为往圣继绝学,为万世开太平。张载(1020 - 1077) This motto has been used in diplomatic situations for several times in history, and translations, some with explanations, are readily available. Still, I will try to give it my own translation below. To decree the principles of … Continue reading [fwd.] The Four Sentences of Hengqu