Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

Obituary on Auckland Grammar School Website I first came across the mathematician Jones in middle school, when I was reading the Chinese edition of What Is Mathematics by Robbins and Courant to feel good (and ultimately otherwise), and one of the addendum chapters introduced me to "New Zealander Jones" and his work on knot theory. … Continue reading Sir V.F.R. Jones, In Memoriam

Fwd: Cixin Liu – The Coronavirus Pandemic and Aliens

Please excuse me on picking this trite title. I am not here to say that the coronavirus is brought upon us by aliens, but I do consider the sudden onset of the pandemic similar to a possible advent of extraterrestrial beings. Both are unforeseen events with profound ramifications, that humanity encounters or is likely to … Continue reading Fwd: Cixin Liu – The Coronavirus Pandemic and Aliens